We offer 4x4 treks for you and your four wheel drive vehicle. Routes are suitable for the total novice to the more advanced driver.

  • UK4x4treks promote safe and responsible recreational use of your four wheel drive vehicle in the countryside.
  • Experienced staff using fully equipped vehicles, offering advice and tuition throughout the day.
  • Limited number of vehicles in each group.
  • Knowledgeable staff in greenlaneing routes throughout the country.
  • Routes available for most four wheel drive vehicles.
  • Experience the satisfaction of driving your own four wheel drive vehicle as part of an escorted greenlane tour.

Why choose 4x4 treks?

Few experiences are as engaging and interactive as taking a vehicle off-road. It is challenging but immensely fun. We will choose a route to suit your driving skills and the kind of countryside you want to see. You can explore various byways and greenlanes, head up and down steep banks, and see parts of the UK most drivers miss out on.

Whether you are looking for a great way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or time with friends, off-road trekking is always memorable. You can rely on us to arrange the best UK treks.

4x4 Off-Road Driving

What could be more exhilarating than heading into the countryside and exploring more of the UK landscape in a vehicle built for tough terrain? You'll get behind the wheel and have full one to one support from highly trained staff. We keep groups small so drivers have a personal, engaging experience.

This is a chance to enjoy everything great about 4x4 off-road driving, including travelling along lesser known routes with beautiful surroundings.

Drive your own 4x4 vehicle

If you already own a suitable vehicle this is the perfect service. We can arrange a trek tailored to you, letting you explore byways and greenlanes through the wonderful countryside. You'll be comfortable in your own vehicle and can have complete confidence it will get you over the terrain.

Again you will have full one on one tuition from a professional instructor. Uk4x4treks ask that your vehicle has full insurance and is taxed and tested prior to your trek.

Trekking across the UK

We offer fantastic opportunities to take part in the very best UK treks. There are plenty of different options, including numerous lesser known greenlane and byway routes in England and Wales. With UK4x4treks you will have the perfect experience.

We can arrange trekking to suit any requirements, whether you want to take a day trip or are looking for longer 4x4 holidays. Drive a vehicle that is equipped to handle the route that is selected. We will make sure you have the best time and improve your off-road driving skills.

Trek requirements

  • Good all terrain or mud tyres
  • High low box
  • Recovery points front and back
  • Spare fuel and water

It is also highly recommend that you have roadside recovery membership. This will be invaluable in the unlikely event that there is a breakdown.

Not essential but a good idea - a CB radio. Our channel is number 13. The radio will allow you to stay in touch with other members of the trekking party even when you are out in the countryside.


  • Good Warm clothing including boots
  • Food and water for lunch plus snacks

When camping

  • A tent
  • Sleeping bag
  • Food and water
  • Cooking equipment

Please note dogs are allowed to be taken on treks but must be on a lead at all times.